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Product Description

Why use Nikwax footwear cleaning gel:
– Anyone who is active outside in damp or wet conditions whether you’re a mountaineer, cyclist, dog walker, or you work outside as a farmer or surveyor will benefit from Nikwax cleaning gel.
– Through use, the outer surface of footwear picks up contaminants, such as dirt, which attract water, masking the effect of any Durable Water Repellency (DWR) coating. Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ will remove contaminants and revitalise DWR.
– When you’re active, your socks draw moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry. However, if your footwear absorbs water and ‘wets out’ its breathability will be reduced. Moisture vapour will not be able to escape, so your feet will feel clammy and wet. Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ will revitalise the DWR making the water bead on the outer surface which prevents water absorption, maintains breathability and keeps your feet dry and comfortable.
– Regular cleaning will enhance the performance of your footwear. When Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ alone does not revitalise the DWR of your footwear it’s time to re-waterproof using the appropriate Nikwax footwear waterproofer.
– Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ is a safe product to use on breathable waterproof footwear as it does not leave water attracting (hydrophilic) residues, which lead to fabric and leather absorbing water and ‘wetting out’.

– Specifically designed and optimised for breathable waterproof footwear.
– Nikwax avoids materials in its cleaners like palm oil, that has been sourced from unsustainable plantations.
– Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™ is environmentally friendly; it is non-hazardous, WaterBased and biodegradable.
– Recommended for Gore-Tex®, eVENT® & SympaTex® footwear.

How to use:
– Rinse item with clean water to remove loose mud and to dampen surface.
– Shake well before use. Press sponge applicator to break seal.
– Apply generously over the area to be cleaned.
– If very dirty scrub with a stiff nylon brush (e.g. nail brush).
– Rinse well with clean water.
– If required, apply appropriate Nikwax® WaterBased waterproofing or conditioner while footwear is damp.

Note: Colour may run, test on a hidden area first.

Additional Information

Weight50 g


Foot SizeBoot Length (cm)Calf Width (cm)
36 / UK 340SLIM 34-36 / STD 36-38 / WIDE 38-40
37 / UK 441SLIM 35-36 / STD 36-38 / WIDE 38-41
38 / UK 542SLIM 35-37 / STD 37-38 / WIDE 38-41
39 / UK 643SLIM 35-37 / STD 37-38 / WIDE 38-42
40 / UK 744SLIM 35-37 / STD 37-38 / WIDE 38-42
41 / UK 7.544SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-43
42 / UK 844SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-43
43 / UK 945SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-44
44 / UK 1046SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-44
45 / UK 1146SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-44
46 / UK 1246SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-44
47 / UK 1347SLIM 36-38 / STD 38-39 / WIDE 39-44


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