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Suffolk Country Boots from Tuffa, these wool lined, nubuck-leather boots have been proudly manufactured in Europe by us for almost 20 years! In conclusion, these country boots are tried and tested and adored by equestrians and countryside enthusiasts.

Available in two calf widths; Standard and Plus-Size Wide and in foot sizes: UK 3 Eur 36 – UK 12 Eur 46 *Please note for this boot you may find it advantageous to go down a size

They are unisex in design, and suitable for everyone. 

Our Suffolk Country Boots are a favourite, whether you are shooting, hunting, fishing, dog-walking or around town.

Manufactured with a natural wool lining the generous foot width allows feet to keep really warm even in the coldest weather. The rubber sole and substantial tread keeps feet protected from the elements and are non-slip, ideal for ice and snow.

Our market leading, leg-strap design ensures a secure fit around the leg and makes them versatile to wear with various outfits.

The European nubuck leather upper is supple and moulds to your shape and gives the boot a stylish look which turns heads in the country or on the catwalk!

This country boot just keeps going. Worn by Men and Women they are admired and preferred by many.

Read our reviews and see what our customers say about the Suffolk Country Boots.

Tuffa Suffolk Country Boots are available exclusively from Tuffa Boots and we ship them far and wide.

Suffolk Country Boots V Country Rider Boots

We get asked all the time what the differences are for these two popular country boot styles.

At first glance you may think they’re the same but subtle changes make all the difference to their individual usages and how they feel once worn.

See below for our key points on these best-selling boots.

Relaxed fit Streamlined fit
Wool lined nubuck leather boots with adjustable straps Wool lined nubuck leather boots with adjustable straps
Chunky grooved rubber sole Rubber sole specifically for the stirrup
Rounded toe Tapered toe
Generous foot-bed Regular foot-bed
Loose fitting at the ankle Tailored fit at the ankle
Unisex design in UK

sizes 3 – 12

Unisex design in UK

sizes 3 – 9

Great for walking & other country pursuits Perfect for riding
Manufactured for over 20 years Manufactured for over 15 years
Price £189.99 Price £200


Hewitts Luxury Dubbin is free to UK mainland customers, overseas customers will receive thermal socks as a safe to ship alternative.


  • Upper: Nubuck Leather
  • Lining: Wool
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Sizes: UK 3 Eur 36 – UK 12 Eur 46
  • Calf sizes: Available in standard or wide fitting for the more generous calf

Care advice: Essential reading to keep your boots in tip top condition

  • Click HERE to find out how to keep your boots in the best condition.

Discover Tuffa Boots:

  • Our Tuffa Boots are designed at home in Norfolk by our founder and manufactured in Portugal using quality leathers and components.
  • Find out more about Tuffa Boots and our products HERE


Hewitts Luxury Dubbin is free to UK mainland customers, overseas customers will receive thermal socks as a safe to ship alternative.

Foot Size Boot Length (cm) Calf Width (cm)
36 / UK 3 37 STD up to 37 / WIDE up to 42
37 / UK 4 38 STD up to 38 / WIDE up to 43
38 / UK 5 39 STD up to 38 / WIDE up to 44
39 / UK 6 39 STD up to 39 / WIDE up to 44
40 / UK 7 40 STD up to 39 / WIDE up to 44
41 / UK 7.5 40 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 45
42 / UK 8 41 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 46
43 / UK 9 41 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 46
44 / UK 10 42 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 47
45 / UK 11 42 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 47
46 / UK 12 42 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 47
47 / UK 13 44 STD up to 40 / WIDE up to 47

58 reviews for Suffolk Country Boots

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  1. Marc Hitchens (store manager)

    I’ve become a bit of an expert on boots. Tuffa is the best kept secret on the market. I’ve bought Dubarry, Aigle, Le Chameau – all with great promises. All failed as they are now fashion over substance. The Suffolk boot is fantastic quality and built for the job. Incredibly comfortable and built like a Bentley. I don’t think there’s anything better. Marc, Wiltshire

  2. Denise Dillon (store manager)

    Excellent yard boots. These have kept my feet toastie warm through several winters.

  3. Alison Wilding (store manager)

    Description: Tuffa Suffolk Boots Feedback for you: Excellent. For your product: Excellent Service rating : The best fitting boots on the market, I have very wide calves and they fitted brilliantly. Product : Myself and my 2 daughters all have a pair of these and they are wonderful.

  4. Joanna Cayford (store manager)

    Description: Tuffa Suffolk Boots Feedback for you: Excellent. For your product: Excellent Service rating : I phoned up customer service to check postage time. The lady on the phone was excellent. Product : They are so comfortable, and look great. this is my second pair the last pair lasted 8 years and I almost lived in them.

  5. Catriona Macaulay (store manager)

    Description: The Suffolk Boot Feedback for you: Excellent. For your product: Good fast, efficient and i didn’t have to sign for them they were allowed to be left in the back of the property.

  6. Sally Oakley (store manager)

    Description: Tuffa Suffolk Boot Feedback for you: Excellent. For your product: Excellent Service rating : Amazing service they came the next day. Product : This is my third pair ( the dog chewed one ) I’ve had other very good makes of boots but these are by far the best so comfy straight away . Stand up to any amount of abuse love them.

  7. Gino Oakman (store manager)

    My size 9 suffolks arrived thursday as promised. Very very happy with the boots, the fit and quality. Above all your service…so I thank you for that, my feet will thank you and so will my dogs! Thanks Maggie

  8. June Hibbins (store manager)

    Bought Suffolk boots – they are excellent quality and fit. Above all though, you can’t beat the service at Tuffa – what a fantastic team – Nikki and Maggie, you are stars! Thank you for all your help and attention.

  9. Sally Willoughby (store manager)

    Just to say I bought a pair of Tuffa Suffolk in broad from my local feed merchant and they are absolutely fantastic fit, really really comfy and generous. Went down 1\2 foot size even with the wool lining in the foot. Super quality too. I totally rocked this morning. I also have a pair of cloggs and they’re also fantastic, chose them over Ariat, I only have Tuffa and Ariat footwear, yours are more robust and offer better fittings for a wider calf.

  10. Lauren Gallagher (store manager)

    Couldn’t be more pleased with my Tuffa boots. Bought the country rider boots first – definitely the most comfortable riding boots I’ve ever ridden in. I then couldn’t resist buying a pair of Suffolk boots for work. The best thing is that the leather is so supple that you don’t need to ‘break them in’ so you can start wearing them all day every day as soon as they arrive! Won’t be buying any other brand ever again!

  11. Jane Harper (store manager)

    I would just like to thank all of you at Tuffa for the amazing support in helping me maintain my Suffolk country riders (fab boots) despite the determined efforts of my Newfoundland dog to remove the soft leather webbing on numerous occasions. I should keep a picture diary because it speaks volumes for the superb quality of your boots, which I now have to hide when I take them off as she is so obsessed with them. Many thanks, you are all a pleasure to deal with!!

  12. christine Iles (store manager)

    5*** service!! Fantastic quality boots at sale price, had to be done!!!! So nice to find boots in my size at such an awesome price. Think these boots will be my best dog walking and shooting buddies for a long time to come

  13. Frances Phillips (store manager)

    These boots are fantastic. My last pair of Tuffa Suffolk boots were worn every day, sometimes I rode in them and they lasted 4 years! The shipping was super quick. Brilliant!

  14. Andrew Rumsby-Smith (store manager)

    Excellent quality and fit as always. Merchandise 5* Customer Service 5* Shipping 5* Excellent. Overall Rating 5*

  15. Lorraine Wilson (store manager)

    I just love these boots -hard wearing comfortable and just a little different from all the others -just wish I could buy two pairs at a time and keep one pair for good. Excellent quality item -instantly comfortable no breaking in required -quick delivery and service. Will be investing again. Just love them quality comfortable boots that are a little different from all the other country boots – just want another pair. Merchandise 5* Customer Service 5* Shipping 5* Overall Rating 5*

  16. Robert Braidley (store manager)

    I brought these boots (in black) back in February 2016 for a birthday present and the wife absolutely loves them. They are ideal for all and everything you do around horses ie mucking out in the yard to even riding in them they are just a perfect all-round boot. Strong, reliable, comfortable, stylish

  17. Christine West (store manager)

    I first saw these boots at Badminton horse trials, my size wasn’t available. I have been looking for a while to get some boots that are a little different and these would be perfect as you can adjust the leg fit as I am very narrow. The standard is 5* and look very comfy for everyday wear.

  18. Jan Nigh (store manager)

    Love these boots so much. They served me well last winter in all the wet weather. So warm and comfortable. These boots have done me proud now for a few winters. Shall be buying again I hope this winter. 5* rating all round.

  19. Pamela McCracken (store manager)

    Love these boots, comfortable from day one not needing to be worked in! I have wide calves and these in a wide fit were perfect with the adjustable straps so they don’t gape. Had to go down a foot size as they come up big.

  20. Anna Ford (store manager)

    This is just a quick email to thank you so much for my new boots – size 39 is perfect! The boots kept me warm & totally dry watching very wet muddy rugby on Sunday and then had a baptism of fire yesterday with snow and ice and they were amazing!! I really am delighted, thank you for your excellent customer support. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. With best wishes, Anna

  21. Julie Fulljames (store manager)

    Dear Tuffa Family I don’t know if you have a good memory but approx 10 yrs ago I owned a small tack shop in a village close to Hereford . I met someone from your company at a trade show and I purchased for myself 3 pairs of boots, a pair of brown long Suffolk boots and black and brown jodhpur boots and a pair of very smart black leather chaps., I started to stock them in the shop too. (I have since sold the shop.) The reason for my email is quite simply a huge huge thank you to you for many years of happy boot use and wearing. In particular I wish to pay homage to your absolutely totally amazing Suffolk boot. As my husband will happily confirm if asked I have done almost everything in these boot , well nearly everything !! When I first owned them I was quite precious with them and they were only used for special occasions , they have attended many parties , meetings in London, weddings and sadly even a funeral accompanying tights and skirts and dresses as well as jeans or leggings as required.They come on holidays with us and are considered a member of our family. My daughter will borrow them on any occasion they are not actually on my feet ! I have used them almost daily (winter) to walk our family dogs and every sunday and midweek training without fail they have supported my two sons for nearly ten years of rugby !!!! keeping my toes toasty and warm and me looking stylish along side other mummies in wellies etc !!! They have continued in happy service to attend few casual social occasions but probably in the last few years when they begun to look a little tired they then were demoted to yard boot and they have been in daily use ever since. I use them every day all winter with my full length chaps to ride in as they keep my feet warm . They have had a very long and hard but happy life but it with great sadness I have to report this morning during mucking out my horse they finally gave up and passed away . I have attached a photograph of them this morning with their boot family next to them . My jodhpur boots also have been very loyal servants my brown boots are my everyday riding boots and are although looking well used are still going strong . My black boots with your black chaps are my “best boots” and are only used for competitions but even after nearly ten years of very regular use they still, with a bit of saddle soap and love, continue to look amazing and I hope they will still do so for many more years. I am sat at my desk this morning (yes I wear them work also) with a heavy sad heart knowing this will be the last day my loyal friends will join me ( I’m still wearing them as I cant bear to take them off yet) My husband is laughing at me as I have told him I am sending you this email but I think its important I say thank you to you. Seriously though I have had a compliments about my boots regularly over the many years in a vast variety of uses and I hope I have sent custom your way. Im expecting a few jokes this weekend at rugby because sadly they wont be with me. I might ask my husband if he could try and glue the soles back to the boots but think this will probably not be such a good idea and I should let them retire gracefully. I’m sure that after a period of mourning (I did actually cry this morning!) I will be forced to purchase a new pair and I have already looked on your website this morning to make sure you did still make them. So once again huge thanks for such a great product

  22. Martina Drabkova (store manager)

    Tuffa Suffolk Boots – I have owned pair of Suffolk boots for about 6 years until it was time to let them go. There are the best boots I’ve ever owned. I am a riding instructor/trainer and live in the countryside so I need boots that are warm and comfy to cope with my busy daily schedule consisting of mucking out, teaching, riding, walking my dog, fencing and of course socialising etc. I do suffer with reynaud’s desease and poor blood circulation so it’s vital for me to keep my feet warm and snug in all the weathers. These boots are the only true waterproof boots I’ve ever had – even with my poor care they lasted me years and years. I am just about to order another pair as so far haven’t found anything on the market that would match them. Thank you.

  23. Carol Grant (store manager)

    Suffolk riding boots – I live in these boots for work as an equine therapist, my own yard work and riding in as well. They look fantastic and are incredibly comfortable. I wear them all year round, fantastic quality my last pair lasted 3 years and I literally wore them out!! Now on my second pair and they are old friends no wearing in needed. Cant say anymore but I love love love these boots.

  24. Susan Dawson (store manager)

    I love my Suffolk Boots, they were comfey the minute I put them on. This is the third winter I have had them and they still look good and are in great condition which is amazing considering they are worn everyday for dog walking, turning out and mucking out the horses.

  25. Louise Gibbs (store manager)

    I have owned my Suffolk boots for almost 7 years! I wear them almost daily in the winter. They are so warm and comfortable. I apply leather protection regularly to keep them soft and waterproof. These boots have certainly been a great investment and I am confident that I will get many more years wear out of them. Thank you Tuffa.

  26. Rachael Merrills (store manager)

    I love my tufa boot. My feet’s are always warm, dry & comfortable. Wouldn’t be without them.

  27. Michelle Osgood (store manager)

    I have the Suffolk boots, I have had them for many years, they are the warmest riding boots I have ever owned perfect for the long winters in Vermont. I highly recommend them, and they get tons of compliments.

  28. Helen Mcdonald (store manager)

    Long country boots I’ve had mine years been Thro thick n thin with them the most reliable boot I’ve worn ever .. loved them to death .. as they be just died after years of wear

  29. Irene Catterall (store manager)

    Would be perfect for riding and also for general wear ie dog walking, yard work

  30. Monica Uruchurtu (store manager)

    Thank you for making the BEST riding boots on the planet!

  31. Zen James

    This is my third pair. I just wish you had the zipper in the calf again. They were the best batch! Bring it back!!

  32. H Gunning (verified owner)

    Well hear I am 10 years later ordering my next pair of Suffolk Boots, I wouldn’t buy anything else the boots have been outstanding..why? comfy, warm, sensible grip, you can dress up with jeans and a nice tweed coat, throw them on to take the dogs a walk but a good clean and they come up like new, no leaks because there’s no zip and value for money. My boots have stood in muddy fields, at point to points, gone shopping ( yes in comfort!) driven the tractors, the list is endless. These boots have pride of place on the boot rack. Tuffa please never stop making these boots!

  33. Charity White

    I absolutely LOVE these boots!!!!
    I wear them in the rain, the snow, while working, while hunting. These are the first boots to ever keep my feet warm. I’ve had the same pair for almost 4 years now and they still look and feel great. I am going to order 2 more pair to have for backup just in case these were to ever get discontinued. I pray that will never happen. These are my forever cold weather boots!!!!

  34. Sue Hills

    Well I purchased my Suffolk boots to wear after a second knee replacement to fix the first one in which the surgeon buggered my anterior ligament! As my ankle was weak and I couldn’t push my foot into a normal boot I was recommended Tuffa boots. I’ve now worn endlessly and my leg is very happy and my ankle I’d stable too. I can now walk again – without a leg brace – thanks to your marvellous and sturdy boots! Being adjustable I can get my leg in and out with ease and the comfort and fit is second to none! Thank you so much for the help buying and for sending out so fast, Sue Hills – a very happy customer.

  35. Clare Barnett

    The best boots in the world Bar none I live in mine I work all day in them and am on my third year and still going strong. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  36. K fairhead (verified owner)

    Fabulous boots. I wear them every day and have had many people ask me where they can get a pair. I have spent years trying to find a waterproof pair of boots that are stylish, waterproof and comfortable, and at last I have. Add to this the brilliant customer service I can highly recommend these boots and this company.

  37. Lauren (verified owner)

    These boots are fantastic! I purchased my first pair about a month ago and have worn them every day since. I work outside with horses and these have kept my feet warm and dry through mud/puddles/bedding/cold weather etc. I had been eyeing them up for a while and I am SO glad I purchased. They are clearly a well-made product with good quality materials and craftsmanship. The leather suppled quickly and they are so comfortable I am having trouble wearing anything else right now even when not at work. I’m normally a 37 in boots, but did have to size down to a 36 (technically I’m a 36 in occasion/formal shoes anyway) and Tuffa’s customer service was excellent through the exchange process. 5 stars all around!

  38. Lynda Waine (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    My second pair. First pair I got 6 years ago. Love them

  39. Lynsey (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Gorgeous boots, arrived very quickly and are very comfortable to wear. They look great & just what I need to keep my feet warm & dry when dog walking!

  40. Jill Mansfield (store manager)

    Just to say I’m delighted with these boots. The sole is wide enough for my feet. The lining keeps my very cold feet warm despite Dartmoor’s best efforts. I’ve just taken delivery of my third pair.

    Review emailed in and added for Jill by admin.

  41. Charlotte L. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Excellent boot, my 2nd pair. First pair kept for 9 years. Fab customer service and very quick delivery. Highly recommend.

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Arrived very quickly. Nice robust, comfortable boots which, thus far, are absolutely fit for the intended purpose – walking the dog across fields and along country lanes. Normally take a size 5 – 5 1/2 but 5 plenty big enough. They do need a boot jack to take off.

  43. Alison Stanway (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    They are still as good as they have always been. My previous boots were so comfortable to ride in and I am sure these will be the same. I always recommend them to other people.

  44. Denise O’Reilly (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The staff at Tuffa are very friendly and helpful – and thes Suffolk boots are so comfy I can work in them all day from day 1 -thank you and please never take this product out of your range!

  45. Lisa Marlowe (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Excellent quality & service, as usual! I have bought this same boot since 2005 & love it.

  46. Marion (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Usually take a 6 or 7 found 7s too big so have sent back and now have 6s which are perfect

  47. Linda O’Hare

    Best boots ever. Wear out shopping with jeans or around the yard and ponies and walking the dogs. Comfortable from day 1. Please don’t alter or remove these from your site!

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Instantly extremely comfortable boots, delivered quickly.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Extremely comfortable boots. 2nd pair I have bought – love them!!

  51. Richard M. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The boots arrived quickly and are great!

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Brilliant service. Unfortunately returned as too big

  53. Michael Nott (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Fantastic service to Canada
    Great product very happy thank you so much

  54. Lisa (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Beautiful boots, excellent quality and very quick delivery. Wide and adjustable fit is great for a wide range of shapes and sizes!

  55. Alison C. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I love these boots. My previous pair has lasted around 12 years! They are so comfy and look great

  56. Tanya R. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    These are lovely boots, quality is fabulous but I have a high instep and couldn’t get them on. A side zip would have helped. Let’s just hope Tuffa take this on board. Sadly need to send them back

  57. Lee Jackson (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great boot and delivery was fast

  58. Iain CAMPBELL (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Perfect replacement for my old boots. And my two beagles love them as well

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